November 21 2019

4cLegal international expansion

Nara Aslanyan


4cLegal is going to launch a new ‘Legal Influencers International Hub’ project as an online platform for legal influencers. The objective is leading the transformation of the legal market. This brand-new web Hub is dedicated to the innovations and inventions in legal practice at the international level. The aim is to bring together legal futurists, legal academics, the judiciary, law firms, in-house legal counsels and legal technology company representatives -or, as we call them, ‘Legal Influencers’- to engage and work together for addressing actual issues affecting the legal industry, business and society at large. In fact, this Hub will be a favorable space for legal protagonists from around the world to create a kit of innovative solutions that work against the most common challenges of the Legal Market 4.0.


Online platforms are of the greatest interest, especially at the height of the Information Age, IT developments and rapidly developing tech-era: that’s why the number and variety of such platforms is growing day by day. Being renowned for its inventive approach and innovative work style, 4cLegal launches a unique digital platform that connects legal professionals, uncommon legal thinkers and legal futurists globally to communicate existing and upcoming challenges of the new high-tech legal market. The aim is leading the conversation through out-of-the-box debate and brainstorming sessions. We create a digital legal forum where legal protagonists can discuss about the opportunities and threats of the so-called “legal-tech era”. The objective is revealing the best problem-solving solution kit based on their own experience and creative achievements available in their homelands.

On the one hand, 4cLegal wants to bring insights based on international experience to the Italian market; on the other hand, it plans to share Italian best practices worldwide, including the concepts of the modernization of the legal services procurement process. Being a certified and an accredited professional company by numerous Italian public and private entities as well as renowned law firms, 4cLegal is eligible to expand its activities internationally offering key principles of the new digital era serving as a tool for legal market “polite revolution”.

4cLegal is delighted to propose future-oriented know-how that has already been practiced in the Italian market, driving tangible results – and especially the expertise revolving around the Digital Beauty Contest. This is an innovative approach that guarantees the sustainability of the selection process in line with the key principles of the new digital era, serving as a tool for legal market modernization. This method ensures quality legal procurement at a justified market price. Having created such an instrument that serves greatly both the service provider and the final user, it is now the right time to conquer global platforms.

Legal influencers International Hub will be a great opportunity for legal professionals and futurists to discuss and brainstorm challenges of the new tech/AI legal market. One of the main advantages of the Hub for our honorable legal influencers is that it opens a new window to the Italian market creating favorable circumstances for networking and staying connected with like-minded legal protagonists, new clients and partners globally. Among the outcomes, there will be papers and publications, organization of different events, meetings and interviews (both distant and proximate).

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