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Innovation and reliability

Key People

Alessandro Renna

Founder & CEO

Nara Aslanyan

International Projects Manager

Alan Bloor

International Customer Service

Massimiliano Bosisio

Event & Media Agency PR

Antonietta d’Agnessa

Communication Manager

Aleksandra Demut

Legal Content Specialist

Candindo Francica


Carmine William Gentile

Corporate Operations Manager

Silvia Massinelli

Strategic Research & Development

Ivan Morea

Customer Service

Yuliya Orlenko

Customer Service

Valentina Renna

Event & Media Agency Manager

Lorenza Sperti

Law Firms Project Manager

Valentino Sperti

Corporate Relations Manager & Business Development


Our mission is to build the legal market of the future: digital, sustainable and open.

A data-driven market, where companies choose firms transparently and with a merit-based approach.

A market where companies buy professional services knowing their market cost and following managerial standards.

A market where professional firms compete relying on verified track records, sustainable internal policies and competitive salaries.

A market that crosses its own boundaries and addresses other worlds, to describe the beauty and the importance of jurists’ work for our society.

A market young talents increasingly want to be a part of, to contribute with their ideas and innovative views.

It is an ambitious goal, but we can count on – now and always – the enthusiasm of startuppers.