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Innovation and reliability

Key People

Alessandro Renna

Founder & CEO

Nara Aslanyan

International Projects Manager

Luna Baldazzi

Customer Service

Luca Bisceglia

Law Firms Key Account

Alan Bloor

International Customer Service

Antonietta d’Agnessa

Communication Manager

Aleksandra Demut

Legal Content Specialist

Carmine William Gentile

Corporate Operations Manager

Giacomo Giudici

Institutional Communication & Senior Editor

Alessandro Massano

Law Firms Key Account Manager

Silvia Massinelli

Strategic Research & Development

Alice Pisati

International Customer Service

Valentina Renna

Event & Media Agency Manager

Lorenza Sperti

Law Firms Project Manage

Valentino Sperti

Corporate Relations Manager & Business Development


When purchasing a service – a simple or a complex one – the buyer should be able to easily verify its actual market price and who are the best providers selling it. This remains true also in the case of a company that has to purchase legal or tax professional services - simple or complex ones.

On the other hand, providers with experience, skill and know-how, should be easily available to potential clients and be able to compete to be chosen. This is valid also for professional firms whose purpose is to assist companies in judicial or non-judicial areas, in any industry and area of law and tax.

These are the basics of the new digital marketplace created by 4cLegal, that takes the name of Legal Market 4.0. These are the targets that led 4cLegal to the creation of an online competitive process going by the name of “Digital Beauty Contest”: quality legal service, transparency in the choosing process and purchase at the actual market conditions are the key principles to this polite revolution. Private and public listed companies, financial and industrial groups, multinational corporations and family businesses have already chosen us, along with all the best Italian professional firms.

Our mission is to establish the Digital Beauty Contest as the market’s best practice. All the operators are invited to be part of the Legal Market 4.0 as protagonists.


ISO 9001:2015
ISO 27001:2013