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Innovation and reliability


Our mission is to build the legal market of the future: digital, sustainable and open.

A data-driven market, where companies choose firms transparently and with a merit-based approach.

A market where companies buy professional services knowing their market cost and following managerial standards.

A market where professional firms compete relying on verified track records, sustainable internal policies and competitive salaries.

A market that crosses its own boundaries and addresses other worlds, to describe the beauty and the importance of jurists’ work for our society.

A market young talents increasingly want to be a part of, to contribute with their ideas and innovative views.

It is an ambitious goal, but we can count on – now and always – the enthusiasm of startuppers.

A new ecosystem

Our mission calls us not just to create new services and products but to design and enable a new ecosystem of legal innovation. Tomorrow’s jurist is digital and sustainable, and uses new, entertaining languages to communicate. For this future to begin, we need enabling tools and formats. To create them is our job. Hence, 4cLegal developed the first platform in the world where the demand and supply for B2B legal services meet. More than 13,000 professionals from more than 55 countries already use it. We then created the first process to accredit the ESG policies of professional firms and corporate legal departments, applied in Italy and other 20 countries. And finally, we developed the first TV talent show for the legal market, broadcast by Forbes Italia on Sky and soon to be produced in California, Oman and India. It is called 4cLegal Academy.

Join the future of legal world

Key People

Alessandro Renna
Founder & CEO

Nara Aslanyan
International Project Manager

Mariana Barbosa
Compliance & Data Quality Officer

Alan Bloor
International Customer Service

Massimiliano Bosisio
Key Account Law Firms

Barbara Bozzi
Executive Assistant to CEO

Antonietta d’Agnessa
Communication Manager

Carmine William Gentile
Corporate Operations Manager

Ivan Morea
Customer Service

Yuliya Orlenko
Customer Service

Valentina Renna
Law Firms Manager

Matteo Serafini
Corporate Relationship

Lorenza Sperti
Law Firms Project Manager

Valentino Sperti
Corporate Relationship Manager

Susanna Tagliapietra
Corporate and Knowledge Manager

Sara Tornatore
Content Editing Manager & Communication Assistant