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Initiatives of the Sustainable Legal Market

4cLegal Rendezvous with Sustainability

Every year, 4cLegal organizes a rich program of events and meetings where the main topics related to sustainability are discussed: such occasions are aimed at keeping the attention high on the issue and promoting the ESG transition of the legal market. ESG experts, institutions, managers, entrepreneurs, professionals, in-house lawyers and students are their protagonists.

Convention on Sustainability in the Legal Market

A day aimed at taking stock of sustainability in our market. Keynote speakers dialogue about the most relevant topics: an overview of current affairs and a forum for discussion about practical solutions and best practices.

Festival of Justice

In the second edition of the Festival of Justice, 4cLegal and AIGA (Italian Association of Young Jurists) offer an opportunity for discussion about the Justice-Sustainability relationship, with Gruppo 24Ore as their media partner. Like the first edition, the event involves the highest authorities of the Italian legal landscape – Ministry of Justice and Presidents of the Supreme Courts – but also professors, managers, professionals and in-house lawyers. Such an event is unprecedented in the legal market. Watch now (Festival della Giustizia diretta - 4cLegal)

Other Rendezvous with Sustainability

In our programme of – online and offline – events you can find webinars and operational meetings about sustainability.

HR & Legal Market

Gender equality and inclusion are now paramount in every sector – and legal market is no exception. This 4cLegal event is aimed at discussing and sharing the best practices that can effectively help industry operators implement gender equality and inclusion in the market, promote ‘generational shift’ in professional firms and the development of interns and young talents, and finally meet clients’ expectations on ESG policies of the professional firms they rely on.

Services for our Community

4cLegal is an inclusive community designed to guide and lead managers, professionals and young jurists in the transition to the new sustainable legal market: here you will find informative content, training courses, communication plans, opportunities for further study, accreditation services, and much more.