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4cLegal ESG Manifesto

4cLegal Commitment for the Legal Market

Sustainability was long associated to environmental and ecological issues; more recently its meaning has evolved and now embraces all of the elements making up the acronym ‘ESG’: no longer just ‘Environmental’ but also ‘Social’ and ‘Governance’ factors, which are related to the way an organization values its people and ensures high-quality processes. Today, sustainability has to be looked at in a long-term perspective: it creates widespread value, entailing a business and economic remodeling towards unprecedented forms. This beautiful, extraordinary change originated from the world of finance and economics and has now spread to all sectors, including the legal market, which is now called upon to do its part. On such premises, 4cLegal created the new ‘ESG HUB’: an ecosystem entirely dedicated to exploring the relationship between sustainability and the legal sector.

The ESG HUB allows us to reaffirm and strengthen our commitment to the creation of a Sustainable Legal Market. 4cLegal aims at partnering with the people and the organizations of the legal market in their transition towards the ESG values, by providing those who want to be active part of the change with the space and tools they need. Join our community: sustainability is now!

4cLegal has been a Benefit Corporation – B Corp – since June 2021. Every day we try and make sustainability a reality. Our business activities and corporate culture naturally and authentically meet the ESG values, and consistency between what we propose to our stakeholders and what we actually do is paramount in our job. We will only communicate what we do and what we have formally committed to doing.

Services for our Community

4cLegal is an inclusive community designed to guide and lead managers, professionals and organizations in the transition to the new sustainable legal market: informational and educational content, communication solutions, discussion moments, accreditation tools and much more.