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4cLegal ESG HUB

Services for our Community

ESG Membership for Professionals

Join 4cLegal Community dedicated to sustainability and the ESG world. A meeting point with sustainability experts and an ecosystem that guides and leads managers, professionals and organizations in transitioning to the new sustainable legal market.

ESG Membership

Discover resources and services for Professionals

4cLegal ESG Specialistic Training
Access to reserved 4cLegal ESG content
ESG Community Networking Events
Further discussion moments with keynote speakers
4cLegal ESG bimonthly newsletter
10% discount on 4cLegal accreditation plans
24,90€ / month (VAT included)*
11,90€ / month (VAT included) for young jurists up to the age of 32*
9,90€ / month (VAT included) for ELSA members*
*Minimum Contract Period: 12 months

ESG Accreditation for Professional Firms

Do you want to assess your Professional Firm’s ‘Sustainability level’?
Discover 4cLegal Standard and start your journey to Sustainability.

Choose the option that suits your needs

“ESG Merit First” Plan

For the validation of up to 3 elements

700,00€ / year (VAT excluded)

“ESG Merit Pro” Plan

For the validation of up to 10 elements

1.980,00€ / year (VAT excluded)

Unlimited ESG Accreditation

For the validation of all the available elements as desired

3.480,00€ / year (VAT excluded)

ESG Accreditation for Legal Departments

Are you a General Counsel looking for a platform that transparently and efficiently manages your legal procurement? Do you want to assess your internal “sustainability level” and that of your legal service providers?

Discover 4cLegal ESG services for Legal Departments

Choose what suits your needs

4cLegal Enterprise

The Legal Procurement Suite powered by 4cLegal


ESG Accreditation Supply Chain

To assess the ESG Compliance of the Professional Firms partnering with your company, thus guaranteeing a sustainable supply chain


ESG Accreditation for Legal Departments

To attest the sustainable procedures of your Legal Department


4cLegal ESG HUB

The first ESG Community of the Legal Market