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The first Platform for Digital Beauty Contests

Where companies choose the best professional firms

The Request for Proposal

The company describes the job or the access conditions to its panel of accredited fiduciaries

The Invitation

The company chooses and invites the firms to create an offer or to submit their application to be added to the panel

The Offers

Each law firm sends its offer, stressing its expertise, skills and economical requirements

The Choice

The company compares the offers. Then, it makes the assignment or accredits the best professional firms in its panel of fiduciaries

Solutions for buying legal services in the public sector

Platforms to handle a professional register and carrying out Digital Beauty Contests

The Analysis

We study the client’s needs and define the best project inside the norms and the best practices of the market

The Development

We create the most suitable platform for the creation of professional registers and the selection of professionals using Digital Beauty Contests

The Licence

We give licence for the access to the platform and we actively support the construction of the project

Analysis and organization of the legal expenses

We offer, project, create the most advanced and innovative solutions of Legal Procurement

Market searches

We help you identifying the real experts in the areas and industries of your interest. In Italy and abroad


We identify the firms or the professionals who are active in the areas and industries in the company’s interests, both in Italy and abroad


We select the firms that most represent the requirements expressed by the company. Then we prepare a written report as their introduction

Digital Beauty Contest

We support the company handling the Digital Beauty Contest with the professional firms it chose. Upon request, we organise meetings between the firm and the professionals, before or after the Digital Beauty Contest