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It is the only partner that supports legal departments in transparently selecting professional firms, based on trust and supported by objective data. From creating panels of trusted professionals to conducting -when useful- digital RFP processes. And after the selection, the relationship continues inside the platform, tracking all data of the assignment and providing immediate reports.

Today 4cLegal Enterprise is used by listed companies, private multinationals, subsidiaries and public bodies.

4cLegal Enterprise

For Legal Departments

4cLegal Enterprise helps legal departments in the selection of professional firms, with a process based on transparency, trust and objective data. The platform allows them to form a panel of their trusted professionals and to carry out -if useful- digital tender procedures. After the selection, their relationship continues on the platform which enables exhaustive data tracking and immediate report downloads. 4cLegal Enterprise is currently used by public companies, corporations, subsidiaries and public organizations.



Our Platform is available in 5 languages and used in all continents



Experts in every industry and law sector today use our Platform



We hosted RFP processes for every kind of legal service

What can you do with the platform?

  • Create your own digital panel of professionals: 4cLegal will keep your data up to date
  • Collect track records of professionals
  • Map the ESG policies of the firms in your panel
  • Conduct RFP processes in any area and industry
  • Manage mandated legal assignments by keeping track of costs, deadlines and files
  • Build an internal ranking of professionals
  • Research and download up-to-date reports about panel professionals, contests, and legal assignments

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Sustainable, transparent, and traceable governance of the process. Certified anti-corruption polices

Selection of the most competent and ESG-oriented firm based on objective, attested evidence

Real-time monitoring of data on professionals, RFP processes and legal expenditures

Access to 4cLegal panel, with more than 15,500 top professionals in 77 countries

Reasonable saving on legal expenses, via the comparison of various proposals

Professional firms

4cLegal Enterprise is the platform used by large companies to assign legal services. To access 4cLegal client platforms, you must first register on You can do it for free and immediately access resources and advantages.

Once you register on our Panel, you will be able to:

  • Access the panels of client companies by invitation or apply for accreditation in the panels that have been opened to new candidates
  • Use the "Track Record Hub" management tool to record successful assignments and to obtain an annual 4cLegal Certificate of Expertise as proof of your experience
  • Accredit your firm’s ESG policies
  • Generate your constantly updated CV
  • Participate in market research activated by our clients and receive 4cLegal newsletters describing all reserved opportunities

As one of our Panel users, you will be able to purchase various services: ESG services, training programs and networking opportunities.

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Value your skills and ESG commitment with certificates and the 4cLegal network

Opportunities for new relationships with clients seeking the best experts

Access to 4cLegal Community, free resources and innovative services

Access to 4cLegal Panel, with more than 15,500 professionals from 77 countries

Our NFT Certificates

4cLegal certificates can also be issued in the NFT form. The use of NFTs provides greater solidity to the information contained in each certificate and allows for the verification of their truthfulness and validity by any interested party. Simply enter the associated hash code on the dedicated page to view the certificate holder's data. If the certificate were expired or fake, the search would yield no results.

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4cLegal TickTool

For Legal Departments

Managing the collaboration between the legal department and other business departments is now possible in a structured way with 4cLegal TickTool. This ticketing system allows in-house lawyers to keep track of the work they do for their internal clients and measure their contribution to the company, thus affirming their strategic role as a business partner.

What can you do with our platform?

  • Monitor support activities conducted by the legal department at all times
  • Assign tasks and responsibilities within the working team
  • Establish priorities and deadlines
  • Organize and share the legal department’s know-how: contract templates, internal opinions, guidelines on key topics for the company.
  • Download accurate and customizable reports on all activities carried out within the relevant time intervals

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Automated management of routine support activities, leading to significant time and resource savings

Data governance through reports that accurately represent the work performed for internal clients

Creation of a knowledge base, serving as a repository of documents capable of standardizing and unifying the assistance provided by the legal department

Positioning the legal department as a crucial business partner and a key value creator