November 21 2019

Legal Market 4.0 is global

Alessandro Renna

Thinking of the legal market under a local perspective is not farsighted and is not our goal.

4cLegal marketplace already includes law firms offering legal services all over the world, as well as companies running their business worldwide. More than that, we believe the values of what we call “Legal Market 4.0” are universal and should be pursued wherever companies and law firms are and work together. Legal Market 4.0 in which we believe is opentransparent and digital.

Open: we believe that companies and law firms should be part of a legal market where it’s easy to find information and get in touch. Ideally, there should not be practical difficulties in accessing opportunities based on expertise and merit.

Transparent: we believe that companies should select their lawyers on the base of a reasonable set of information, observing principles of traceability and competitionTrust is fundamental when we talk about the relationship between a company and a law firm, but it should go together with the governance best practice.

Digital: we believe that the only way to implement openness and transparency as set out above is to build a digital legal market, which is exactly what we do at 4cLegal.

Today we welcome our Legal Influencer Hub to broaden our industry vision and to involve great personalities in discussing the most important themes of the present and future of the legal market.

It will be a wonderful challange, stay tuned and feel free to propose your contribution.

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Alessandro Renna| ITALY

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