Alessandro Renna


"In every sector, marketplaces reduce information asymmetries, realize transparency and award the best players in terms of quality and rates. Being a marketplace in the b2b legal services means to think that trust and word of mouth are not enough: data, competition and diligence in the selection process are the principles which should lead a fair relationship between a client and a law firm at a corporate level. 4cLegal marketplace makes it possible."

Attorney Alessandro Renna is the founder and CEO of 4cLegal, one of the leading legal company that continues to innovate the legal sector setting new standards both under a technological and communication point of view. The focus of Alessandro is to work on the most advanced solutions in legal procurement area promoting a Legal Market 4.0 where the values leading companies and lawyers are transparency, traceability and merit and the way to implement them is the digitalization. Alessandro believes that a true innovation in the legal market requires a fully new way to communicate. This is the background of the “4cLegal Academy”, the first legal talent TV show which he created to represent the values of the Legal Market 4.0 .