08 Marzo 2023

4cLegal Academy goes abroad: meeting with the local partners

4cLegal Academy goes abroad: the world's first talent show for lawyers arrives in California, India, Oman and the MENA region

4cLegal Academy, the world's first talent show for lawyers produced by 4cProduction (4cLegal's production brand), lands abroad. The Italian format, created by Alessandro Renna, CEO and Founder of 4cLegal, and Candido Francica, television author, is landing in California, IndiaOman and the MENA region. The success of the talent show, now in its fourth edition in Italy, is witnessed by its internationalization: it is the first time ever that an Italian format is capable of attracting such diverse markets.

In California, the local edition will be announced next April and production will kick off in the fall. Moving then to the Middle East, the Omani edition will start filming in March and will be broadcast in late November, while the regional one will feature three countries, such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

The talent show is a showcase for all young lawyers and will keep the name '4cLegal Academy' unchanged even abroad. The stories that will be told will be about the challenges that the legal market is facing all over the world. Five young talents will compete in each edition for the title of Legal Talent of the Year and the tests will focus on topical subjects. Indeed, the format has the merit of perfectly describing the characteristics of the legal world of the future, without resorting to elements of fiction.

The interest in 4cLegal Academy once again attests to how global the sustainability-oriented approach of the legal market is. It is no coincidence that different cultures are united by sustainable development, ESG values, legal tech, and innovation; indeed, these are the themes that have led to the success of the talent and will remain at the heart of the format even across borders. 

The 4cLegal team recently met with partners from the various international editions to discuss the details of local adaptations. Specifically, from California: Pat Harris (lawyer to well-known celebrities such as Michael Jackson and Chris Brown), Lusine Piroyan, and Ani Petrosyan, who will be judge, executive director, and member of the legal team of the California edition, respectively. From the MENA region: Suleiman Abdeljawad and Jeffrey Greene, strategic partner and executive director, respectively.


Dietro le quinte dell'incontro con i partner locali delle edizioni della Regione MENA e della California del talent firmato 4cProduction. La 4cLegal Academy è ora realtà anche all'estero. Verrà infatti presto prodotta, oltre che in California e nella regione mediorientale, anche in Oman e in India. Sarà conosciuta oltreconfine con il suo nome e presenterà un nuovo modo di intendere il mondo dell'avvocatura.

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