26 Gennaio 2021

4cLegal Academy International WEBINAR

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4cLegal Academy goes international - Oman appears to be the first spot!

The promising success of the first and second seasons of 4cLegal Academy Talent show proves that this program about young lawyers entering the legal profession is timely, informative, human, and engaging, and, no doubt, of interest both to the legal industry and the wider society.

This 4cLegal Academy format is, for sure, an international one and proves that the challenges, opportunities, and transformation underway within the trillion-dollar global legal industry are more common than unique to a particular geography.

Next goal is to bring 4cLegal Academy to Oman as the launching platform for the program’s international market. This is the challenge for 2021.

The webinar offers the chance to debate about the format with some of the protagonists of the last edition of 4cLegal Academy and with reputable exponents of the legal and the communication sectors in Oman.

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The program is available here: https://piattaforma.4clegal.com/the-internationalization-of-the-legal-t…

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