20 Gennaio 2022

The Italian way to innovation


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A new generation of business ideas is growing. Public sources can help investors by finding and meeting them on a web portal.


“Choosing a better life depends on ourselves and starts with the little things, thoughts and actions of each day”. For Immacolata Migliaccio (a woman entrepreneur from Nocelleto di Carinola, a small village in the countryside North of Naples), these words are the cornerstone of a life-changing turnaround which, about ten years ago, took her from a city lifestyle and career back to her family land and cultural heritage. Carrying along one dream: to restore her ancestral bondage with Mother Earth using innovation technologies.

To make her dream come true, she established a small innovative firm to attend the 10 acres of family farmland she inherited, investing in 4.0 technologies to produce high-quality vegetablesArtificial Intelligence (AI) predictive algorithms played a key role in her project, helping detecting and processing relevant environmental data to ensure the digital monitoring and management of the cultivated fields. A digital platform connects a number of sensors to an agro-meteorological station, activating  both the irrigation system and a piped music system through which crops receive sound wave and ultrasound bio-stimulations to help optimizing growth, improve plant resistance to plant diseases, as well as reduce attacks by harmful insects, optimize soil and water resources and improve land sustainability.

An example of circular economy - which granted her wide visibility, as one of the winners of the European Women Farmers Award 2020 - Mrs. Migliaccio’s is just one of many successful stories of innovation that are steadily diffusing throughout the Italian business community over the last decade, also thanks to the support provided by a favorable legislative framework. Small as they are, startup initiatives like this are profiting from the thriving momentum of digital technologies and represent - probably - the most promising face of the major changes occurring in the transformation of the Italian economy, which as of today is the second largest manufacturer country in Europe and the eighth largest economy at world level.

Italian law defines innovative startups as young companies, with a high technological content, with strong growth potential. In 2012 the Italian government introduced specific measures to support these type of businesses throughout their life cycle, in order to foster the creation of a dynamic and competitive innovation ecosystem through which bring new opportunities for doing business and encouraging employment within a sustainable growth strategy. To monitor the development of this dynamic business community, a special section of the Italian Business Register - the official national database where all businesses operating in Italy are to be listed by law - was established. As of December 2021, the section contained 14.000 entries mainly operating in software, ICT services and R&D (62%).

Many of them are currently under the watchful eyes of both international investors and major market operators and chances are, not too far into the future, that the seeds of innovation and creativity they have planted will grow around the planet. To know them up close, a starting point can be to launch a search on the portal Italianbusinessregister.it (IBR)

IBR is the English version – output included – of the official Italian Business Register held at the Chambers of Commerce, the public entities responsible by law for collecting, storing and distributing information on all Italian businesses.

The search features allow for filtering one’s own target by type of company - including a specific view over the innovative startup segment in the Register - thus easily traceable both by sector of activity and territory. In a few steps, it is possible to obtain a “map” of potential partners to refer to for investment purposes or, more simply, to establish a business connection based on sound and trusted public information. Once the map is drawn, drilling down to specific information – legal, financial, geographical and more – is made easy by the availability of a number of different outputs.

Since all documents retrieved through IBR being official, starting a search from here is a step on solid ground. The guarantee of reliability of the information provided is also backed by the "QR Code" printed on the first page of the report, the identification code thanks to which anyone can check, directly from their smartphone or tablet (as well as from a PC), that the document in their possession corresponds to the one on file in the Business Register at the time of extraction.


What IBR offers: the list of outputs

Company report

It contains the personal, legal, economic and fiscal information for a company, as reported in the Italian Business Register. Includes references to: registration, name, details, contacts, address of the registered office, PEC (certified e-mail), registered office, secondary offices and local units, tax code / VAT number, legal nature, date of foundation, corporate purpose , distribution of share capital, activities carried out, any quality certificates, certifications, administrative positions, control positions and qualifications, corporate bodies, owners and partners with shares, presence in other registers, possession of roles and licenses.

Annual Accounts

The portal provides the series of deposited accounting documents (the annual account and the financial statements which form a part of it that a company is required to draw up periodically, in accordance with the law, in order to follow the principle of truthfulness and provide a clear, honest and correct picture of its financial situation.

Lists of companies

Through the use of filters, it is also possible to extract from the portal customized lists of companies, both simple (with information only on the company name and geographic data) and more structured. In addition to the basic data it is also possible to obtain information on economic data, personnel related data and additional information such as website, telephone number, e-mail address where stated.


The Italianbusinessregister.it in short

Created since its inception - in 1996 - electronically by InfoCamere, on behalf of the Italian chamber system, the Business Register is the official, complete and updated archive of public information relating to companies operating in Italy, required by law to register with Chambers of Commerce. Thanks to the italianbusinessregister.it portal, the Register can be consulted by the international public through a version completely designed to facilitate the search and identification of information essential for establishing reliable B2B relationships between foreign operators and Italian companies. From the name to the deeds of incorporation, to the people who hold positions within them, passing through any changes made after birth and up to the economic activities carried out and the offices in the area and the certifications received, the Register is the essential starting point for each operator who wants to know the Italian production system - from large groups to business networks and up to innovative startups - to verify the truthfulness of information on a customer or potential supplier, or to identify possible partners to develop their business.

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