Ajuni Chawla


‘’I strongly believe that to be a lawyer is to be an artist; it is about creatively thinking- not only while interpreting laws but also while fostering solutions to 'situations'. I am passionate to revolutionize and enhance the delivery of legal services- through a combination of technology, legal design, intelligence theories and a human-centered approach.’’

Ajuni Chawla is a lawyer by profession, innovator by passion and legal designer by practice with a zeal to create a meaningful change using her passion for innovation, creativity and holistic learning. She works very closely with topics at the intersection of legal innovation, design thinking & community building- and has been featured in international magazines like Legal Business World, Impact Lawyers and Future Lab Magazine. Atty. Chawla is currently the acting Operating Officer for Eye Z Legal- a startup that she founded when she was in law college, urging individuals to envision the legal industry in a holistic way. She also practices Legal Service Design and consults with a focus on accessible and sustainable delivery of legal services. Ajuni is the technology lead at International Legal Alliance, a Facilitator at the Legal Creatives' Cohort, Pereko Foundations' Business Design Bootcamp and an organizer for Mumbai Legal Hackers.