Carsten A. Lexa LLM


"The challenge for companies is to think and act international and use the possibilities created by the digital age. Legal advice must follow suit and turn away from old-fashioned habits of dealing with clients. Lawyers must act fast, with a global mindset and focusing on solutions, not problems"

Carsten A. Lexa, LL.M. provides legal advice in the areas of business and contract law in German and English language. Experienced in international law (with a Master of Law in International Commercial Law from the University of Westminster, London and a Certificate of Additional Studies in European Law by the University of Würzburg) and appointed as a lecturer for Commercial Law and also for Compliance by the University of Applied Science Würzburg-Schweinfurt, Mr. Lexa runs his own law firm, specializing in helping entrepreneurs and founding companies, organizing company structures, buying and selling companies and creating individual civil law contracts.
Mr. Lexa is also a seminar facilitator and lecturer, talking about company formation, company succession, claim management and contract management. In addition, he writes a weekly column for the German online magazine “BASIC thinking” ( and publishes articles on LinkedIn, and
In addition, he is a co-founder of the startup community in Würzburg “Gründen@Würzburg” that was launched in a joint effort with the City of Würzburg, the University of Würzburg and several other institutions and organizations and an ambassador for the most important business award in Germany for SMEs, the “Großer Preis des Mittelstands”. Finally he runs his own YouTube channel and provides legal information for companies and company owners:
In his legal career Mr. Lexa was for four years appointed as general legal counsel to the board of JCI Germany, the biggest organization for young entrepreneurs in Germany, as well as to the board of the Let´s do it World Foundation in Estonia who organizes the worldwide movement “World Cleanup Day” (with more than 20 million participants in over 180 countries). He was also elected for two years as the President of the G20 Young Entrepreneurs´ Alliance (G20 YEA) Germany and in 2017 became the World President for the G20 YEA International, speaking for more than 200.000 young entrepreneurs in the G20 countries.