Hersh Perlis


"People and corporations for far too long have not received legal services in the way they want it or need it. Somehow, some way, we need to get the average person and government to wake up to this and start asking WHY?” "

Hersh Perlis is the co-founder and Director of the Legal Innovation Zone (LIZ) at Ryerson University. Hersh briefly left the LIZ to become Chief of Staff of Deloitte’s Artificial Intelligence practice – Omnia. Prior to coming to Ryerson, he spent 5 years at Queens Park as a Senior Advisor to several ministers and before that spent almost a decade fundraising in the not-for-profit world. Since co-founding the LIZ, Hersh has helped grow it into a leader in the legal innovation space with a focus on driving better solutions for the consumers, both businesses and individuals, of legal services. He has worked with law firms, corporations and governments, nationally and internationally, to help identify and better prepare them to take advantage of the opportunities technology and other innovations present in today’s ever-changing world. He has spoken extensively on the impacts technology will have on the future of legal services and on the skills necessary for lawyers and others to take advantage of the new emerging markets being opened by tech and innovation. Hersh is considered a valued mentor and advisor to dozens of legal tech startups and continues to connect with companies from around the world. Sports, politics and the lake are his passion and he enjoys them with his wife, two sons and his dog Bauer.