Jose Paulo Graciotti


"The relation with the legal practice and the current strategic importance for law firms, the management trends and the use of artificial intelligence are much more than just trends, they are essential for the new profile of the companies that render legal services and the change in relations with the client. The acceleration of the technological development and the emergence of the so-called disruptive technologies are, on the one side, exerting more pressure on this melting pot, but they are offering (to those who have a prepared vision) a very interesting option to get adapted, to become more efficient and to get prepared for future changes, thus obtaining a competitive advantage in the market. In addition to the adoption of the technological changes, the businesses will need to be managed in a different way and by open-minded people, with affection to the new, with high resilience and with no fear to experiment, to make mistakes and to learn. Only this way the companies and the law firms will be prepared for the changes."

Founder of GRACIOTTI Consultants, author of the book entitled "STRATEGIC GOVERNANCE FOR LAW FIRMS" edited in three languages (Portuguese, English and Italian). Through its close involvement in the phases of planning, implementation and operation of nearly a dozen medium and large size firms over the last 30 years, José Paulo accumulated extensive experience, more specifically, knowledge of the unique corporate culture that guides the most distinguished and successful law firms in Brazil. Throughout the industry in Brazil, José Paulo is known as one of the pioneers that introduced to the legal landscape the concept of knowledge management, carried out jointly with the pragmatic analysis of its effects on the efficiency of financial institutions, thereby ensuring the provision of highly sophisticated and intellectually sound solutions. This concept remains a key part of his recommendations and advice to the clients. Member of ILTA (International Legal Technology Association) since 1998 and ALA (Association of Legal Administrators).