María Jesús González-Espejo

Spain Madrid

"The digital transformation of a law firm can only be successful when approached from a deep knowledge of the corporate culture and available resources, combined with hands-on experience in LegalTech projects. This is what I can offer thanks to my 30 years’ experience as a lawyer in large law firms and corporations and as a consultant."

She is a jurist passionate about law and an expert in artificial Intelligence, Innovation in law, and Legal Tech and pioneer in the introduction of Legal Design Thinking in Spain. She is devoted to advising law firms, legal professionals, and organizations of the legal sector in digital transformation from and She is also a prolific author and frequent speaker and teacher in these fields: strategic planning, digital transformation, legal tech, marketing, communications and people and knowledge management. Top Women in Legal Tech by ILTA and Top 100 leading Women and Inspiralaw women by Iberian Lawyer.