Marisa Monteiro Borsboom


"Revolutions are opportunities to think new models and evaluate the reasons for creation of the institutionalized ones. Design the Justice ecosystem fit for purpose of the 21st century is the quest of any legal innovative mind."

Lawyer, General Counsel and Founder of MQM Legal Center, Mediator, Trainer, Lecturer, Speaker, Mentor, DPO and Privacy Consultant, Social entrepreneur - President of NGO, Humanity of Things, Legal Entrepreneur - Founder and Partner of the Inov@legal, in Portuguese Institute for Legal and Technological Innovation, Director and Founder of the Portuguese Chapter of ELTA - European Legal Tech Association. Active member, founder, ambassador of many communities, networks and projects as Legal Hackers (Oporto & The Hague), IIL, Arise. Nl, Women in legal Tech, DelftMama, WBII, World Legal Summit The Hague and Lx.Legal.
President of Porthollandia, Netherlands Portugal Chamber of Commerce.
Publications - legal design chapter on "Advocacia 4.0" book.