Mark Le Blanc


"There are no legal problems – just problems. As a trusted advisor, the lawyer must have a deep understanding of the business of the organization to provide valuable legal and risk analysis. Your ability to think broadly and work with other key leaders in solving these problems is your value."

Mark is the General Counsel for TVO, the educational media organization for the Province of Ontario. He began his career as an IP lawyer before going inhouse in the media space. He is a business executive with a legal background, particularly in the media and technology sector. A business minded lawyer who has successfully built and managed both an independent practice and legal departments in corporations undergoing digital transformation, and who understands risk management and the need to drive legal knowledge deep into the business units to add true value and grow revenue. A team builder and leader who excels in creating a vision, and building and managing a motivated team. An entrepreneurial goals-oriented executive with strong interpersonal, communication, planning and problem-solving skills.