Maya Markovich

USA California

"Future-proofing a tradition-rich industry designed to stand on precedent is challenging. We’re drawing on lessons from more mature industries, but there’s no map to bring the practice of law to a more client-centric, just and equitable place. Experimentation is part of the journey to find new, more productive and constructive ways to work and think."

Maya Markovich is a thought leader in the innovation space, with roots in change management, behavioral science, and the legal, VC and tech industries. At Nextlaw Labs, she delivers next-generation technology, process, and business growth services for Dentons, the world’s largest law firm, and its clients, including acceleration of the legal tech startups in the Nextlaw Ventures portfolio. She aims to build future-proof methodologies and tech to advance the legal industry, its clients and consumers via achievable, sustainable and scalable human-centered design and implementation. Collaborating with legal tech communities and experts worldwide, she continually evolves Nextlaw Labs' partnership and investment strategies. Maya also serves as mentor and board member for early-career professionals and initiatives to improve access to justice and gender equity. She was named one of five “Influential Women of Legal Tech” by ILTA in 2020 for her work in encouraging, designing and implementing the future of the legal profession around the globe.