Sarah Malik


"Never assume you know everything. Keep on top of your game and deliver what you promise. There are no shortcuts to success and your clients will value honesty, integrity, and a “can-do” attitude. Three and a half years on, we are delighted to continue to grow and establish worldwide partnerships. The name SOL is special and will always serve as a reminder of why we all do what we do, our motivation and driving force and what truly matters: family. SOL stands for Sarah Omar Lina. Those of you who know me know that first and foremost I am blessed to be mother to Omar and Lina. All that I do I do for them."

Sarah Malik is the CEO and Founder of SOL International Ltd, a boutique legal consultancy. She is appointed on the Singapore International Arbitration Centre Users Council (SIAC), and is one of only 20 Independent Neutrals worldwide appointed on the Panel of Neutrals - Lagos Court of Arbitration, She is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and sits as an Arbitrator. Sarah is also an Associate Member of 36 Stone Chambers in London and General Counsel to two international businesses. She collaborates with leading private and public bodies and trains judiciaries on international best court practices – including the ADJD and Kazakhstan Judiciary. She delivers legal training to young Emiratis as part of the UAE Federal Youth Department initiative and has spoken on diversity and inclusion in various countries. Sarah undertakes international commercial arbitrations as Counsel and practices commercial litigation at the DIFC and ADGM Courts. In 2018, Sarah authored the UAE Chapter on Arbitration in the International Comparative Legal Guide. In 2019 she authored A Guide to GCC Arbitration, published by Lexis Nexis and during Covid lockdown, she co-authored the first comparative guide on UAE and DIFC Employment Law. She is a Visiting Lecturer on the LLM programme at Middlesex University, Dubai, in International Commercial Litigation and Arbitration and she co-devised a UAE and DIFC Employment Law module for the LLM. Sarah regularly contributes articles on current employment and HR updates and delivers lectures on Drafting, Advocacy and DIFC Arbitration Law for the Common Law Course for Civil Lawyers.