Tessa Manuello


"The new revolution in Law: It’s not about tech, it is about creativity! It is the lack of imagination that prevents innovation in law. To reinvent the business and service delivery models on law, we actually need to start a creative revolution"

Tessa Manuello is the founder and CEO of Legal Creatives, internationally recognized speaker, considered one of the leading experts in the world in legal design.

Tessa Manuello - Founder & CEO of Legal Creatives, internationally recognized speaker, considered one of the biggest authorities in Legal Design in the world, Tessa has been invited as a speaker to share her expertise and research on topics such as innovation, disruption and how creativity plays a role on optimizing legal services to meet the end user’s needs.

French and Canadian citizen, Tessa holds a Master of Law degree from Sorbonne (France), Sherbrooke (Canada) and Western Cape (South Africa) with certificates and recognition in Creativity and Innovation (United States).

She has received awards for her academic research and created the world’s first course on Creativity in a Law faculty, at the University of Sherbrooke in Canada. In addition to teaching Creativity at Sherbrooke Law School (Canada), she is regularly invited to lecture, train and speak to share her knowledge with the legal public worldwide.

A few highlights …
2005 & 06 – Bilingual French-English Masters in Law from Sorbonne and Sciences po and Comparative Law Certificate, Paris (France)
2007 – Deputy Counsel at the ICC, Paris (France)
2009 – Moved from France to Canada, started working in education and exploring creativity.
2014 – First time presenter at the World’s micro-university in Creativity, Toronto (Canada)
2016 – Legal Creatives Prototype, Montreal (Canada).
2017 – Completed the Creative Problem-Solving Program (Buffalo, USA)
2017 – Selected and featured at Web Summit, the World’s largest Tech Conference, Lisbon (Portugal)
2018 – Academic research awarded best paper for the year, and created the World’s first course on Creativity in a Law faculty at U.Sherbrooke (Canada).
2019 – Trained 1,500 lawyers worldwide online and in-person with Legal Creatives platform and programs.
2020 – Released the World’s first Legal Design Facilitators Program “Train the Trainer”.