January 20 2021

4cLegal Academy goes international
The legal talent show format:
from Italy to the rest of the world

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The 4cLegal Academy II -the legal talent show invented and produced by 4cLegal- was broadcast between October and December 2020, with Forbes Italia and Great Place to Work Italia as Official Partners.

In 10 episodes, we have followed the personal and professional journey of five brilliant Law graduates. They have solved a set of legal problems proposed to them by some of the most important organizations and people operating in the Italian legal market. At the end of the challenge, a has chosen the one who has performed best: the winner has become the Legal Talent of the Year 2020.

The 4cLegal Academy uses the format and language of entertainment to project and stir conversation about a different and more dynamic model of legal market: innovative, positively disruptive, forward-thinking, based on merit and on the importance of soft skills and vision.

For this reason, we have always believed that the Academy is international by very definition, and have looked for opportunities to export it abroad.

In this first webinar on the internationalization of the legal talent, we discuss the Academy’s global potential with an entrepreneur and a lawyer (Jeffrey Jerome Greene and Asad Qayyum), based in Oman.

To see the program CLICK HERE!

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4cLegal powered Legal Influencer HUB

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