07 Aprile 2020

My short, though intense, Italian experience


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Kevin B. Lydon is an intern at 4cLegal for the period February-May 2020, supporting the international projects of the company. He is American and studies Finance at Providence College, in Rhode Island. He was visiting Milan’s Università Bocconi for a semester, but had to interrupt this experience because of the COVID-19 pandemic. He still works with 4cLegal from the US. In this piece, he speaks about his short but intense time in Milan.


Before I departed New York for Milan in January for my study abroad program, I would have never thought to see the world in the state it is in now. While my time abroad was cut short by the COVID-19 outbreak, we are now seeing global citizens and leaders unite during this difficult time. We will be strong, we will heal, and we will prevail.

I want to applaud my study abroad program provider, IES Abroad, for their excellent “crisis management” and continued support during this difficult time. The staff/professors were available around the clock and continue to be as we follow out our course studies via “online and remote learning”. IES was/is extremely effective in their communication efforts which is one of the key factors in such a difficult time. They were able to communicate often, effectively/clearly, and instilled a sense of ease/confidence in us.

Furthermore, I wanted to reflect on my experience studying in Italy for the time that I was there. The highlight of my experience was the opportunity to study at the prestigious Università Bocconi. As a major in finance, it was an incredible opportunity to grow in my studies and knowledge while attending Bocconi. It gave me an international perspective, which in my opinion is crucial to the finance profession because it adds diversity of thought.

Opening myself to international exposure allowed me to understand how taking a different perspective can bring value to wherever life leads me. Taking a macro approach, I found that international exposure is important to a students education because it adds to the latin phrase “cura personalis” or whole person. The concept rounds out a students' education by allowing them to step out of their comfort zones while learning/experiencing everything the foreign environment has to offer.

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