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Platform for Digital Beauty Contests Advantages

For Companies


The Digital Beauty Contest allows the selection process to be performed in the shortest time, so that the company can save resources during these mere processes. This is possible thanks to the greatly standardised process and the user-friendliness of the platform.


4cLegal specialised team is available for free to answer the companies’ questions via email and free-toll number. The assistance is on demand - whenever the company requests it. The assistance gives support both for merely technical issues (how to use the platform) and more complex ones like the sharing of contents and clarifying how the Digital Beauty Contest works.


The legal and financial market are characterised by its multitude of offers. The Digital Beauty Contest is a supreme way to select the skills required by the company – with visible proof -, choosing among almost 500 professional firms with skills in all kinds of industry and in all the branches of law.


Industrial organisational models demand the purchase of services to be traceable and competitive: 4cLegal Digital Beauty Contest is a selection process fulfilling both requirements, and thanks to this, it has obtained a certification as a procedure with anti-corruption protection.


Each company has at its disposal all the sum-up documents (in .xls and .pdf) about the Digital Beauty Contests run on the platform: Request for Proposal, documents exchanges during the Q&A sessions with the firms, offers. All in one click..


Thanks to the Digital Beauty Contest, the company can manage its budget for professional expenses in the best way, empowering the chances to choose the best firm and to purchase the service at the actual market conditions.


The Digital Beauty Contest is an extremely intuitive process and it is very easy to handle using the platform. This is perhaps the characteristic at the basis of its quick spreading and of the operator’ appreciation.


The platform is free of charge for companies. No cost is applied for the creation of the account or for the support of 4cLegal specialised team. Zero surprise additions.