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Our method

Your key partner

Our strength lies in our cross-functional skills.

We are lawyers, communicators, graphic designers, and audio-video production experts, and we can manage every aspect of your communication plan, from its strategic definition to the actual implementation of all planned activities.

We mainly work with Professional Firms that have chosen not to have an in-house communication department, and present ourselves as a creative, innovative, and concrete partner.

Make things happen

How many times do communication projects fail to take off or remain half-finished? The problem is in the method: good ideas do not become a communication plan on their own.

Our approach works because it is structured:

  • we study the Firm's profile, understanding its objectives, strengths and operational processes;
  • we define the communication plan: content, tone, channels, frequency;
  • we implement the plan by constantly brainstorming with the Firm's representatives to assess results, new proposals and market opportunities

4cLegal Communication
Your new Communication Agency