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Benefits for the Public Sector

Analysis and organisation of the legal expenses


The legal expense must be handled in a professional way, according to a well-structured strategy. The great compliance, highest quality, purchasing services at market conditions and the definition of the policies to award legal tasks are just a few of the objectives that we help the firms to reach.


The pressing daily duties of the company’s top management can lead to a situation in which the handling of legal tasks is excessively conditioned by rush and problems. An efficient programming action limits the risks and the non-top choices.


4cLegal team can take the role of “added co-operator” for the legal department in the legal procurement area. This is a key area for General Counsels, in which we can assist as reference operators in Italy.


We face our duties in an independent and confidential way. Our team has an important consultation history on its shoulders and keeps sharing reference values of professional assistance to its clients.