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Pills form the Legal Market 4.0

28 March 2018

Ethics of Professions

4cLegal participates to a meeting named "The future of professions: the modernization's challenge in ethics' point of view". We discuss about the modernization's impact and the changings in the requested professional figures, even in the legal market

16 March 2018

General Counsel Round Table| Assolombarda | Digital Beauty Contest

This morning 4cLegal is coordinator of the first meeting of the Assolombarda's General Counsel Round Table, dedicated to the Digital Beauty Contest. The goal: to redact a position paper about this drafting methodology between companies and professionality. Follow the next steps!

15 March 2018

Digital Beauty Contest - Looking for the Best Practice

The Ebook presented with the Round Table of yesterday is now available HERE for the download (only in Italian)

14 March 2018

Digital Beauty Contest - Topics and Issues

In the beautiful Hotel Melià, in Milan, we present the E-book dedicated to the point of view of companies and law firms about the Digital Beauty Contest.

28 February 2018

"In-House Legal Counsel" Master

Meeting of the "In-House Legal Counsel" Master's Faculty organized by ISTUD Business School. Today at 3 p.m. at ASAP Hub, Vittor Pisani Street, in Milan. In this first meeting, the Master's program will be discussed and timetabled. 4cLegal, with his Founder Alessandro Renna, will take the teaching about legal procurement subjects.


20 February 2018

Startup Intelligence 2017-2018 | eCommerce B2b

In a logic of Open Innovation, the mission of the Startup Intelligence project is to foster the contamination between the world of digital startups and open-minded and curious companies, which focus on innovation as a critical factor for success.

09 February 2018

The Table of General Counsel | Assolombarda

At the Falck Hall of Assolombarda (Via Chiaravalle 8 - Milan) Alessandro Renna, Founder & CEO 4cLegal, presents the Round Table named "Digital Beauty Contest: how to choose lawyers and counselors wich the company needs" in the occasion of the ambitious Assolombarda meeting called "The Table of General Counsel"

12 December 2017

“Consiglio Gruppo Energia” Pitch

At ENI’s head office, Alessandro Renna, Founder & CEO at 4cLegal, is a guest of the Assolombarda’s governance organisation “Consiglio del Gruppo Energia” (, to talk about 4cLegal’s project. A heartful thank you to Assolombarda for this great occasion of confrontation.

05 December 2017

Online the new website of 4cLegal

Contents vs self-referentiality, real excellence vs alleged excellence, competition vs revenue of a position. This and more in the Legal Market 4.0 of 4cLegal.

16 November 2017

Webinar “Know your Rating”

Lawyer Alessandro Renna, Founder and CEO at 4cLegal, is a guest at the Webinar organised by Assolombarda "Know your Rating" to tell the Case history of 4cLegal.


15 November 2017

A “beauty contest-proof” market – The new frontier of the public area

Lawyer Alessandro Renna is again the moderator of the important round table “A “beauty contest-proof” market – The new frontier of the public area” at TopLegal Summit. No more doubts: the new track of the market and the ethical transformation of firms, preferring logics based on transparency and anti-corruption measures, make the beauty contest a key process.


28 October 2017

Master Program “Giuristi in Azienda”

Lawyer Alessandro Renna, Founder and CEO at 4cLegal, will be one of the teachers of the new Program “Giuristi in azienda” of the ISTUD Business School. The “challenge” at the basics of the 4cLegal-ISTUD partnership is to bring Legal Procurement to the attention of the new company lawyers: the future protagonists of the Italian legal Market.


27 October 2017

Beauty Contest: useful for two out of three societies

The second TopLegal survey on beauty contests, commissioned by 4cLegal, shows a growing interest for our tool. The survey, that involved 77 law firms and legal departments, has been an occasion to collect the opinions of the operators in this market and reach a conclusion on a tool that has become important in the legal area.


27 September 2017

ANAS register opens up again

ANAS will open up the subscriptions for the list of its fiduciary lawyers on the whole national territory starting from 27/08/2017 until 27/10/2017, on the platform

01 September 2017

Second Survey on the Beauty Contest

A second survey on the beauty contest has been launched, commissioned by 4cLegal to TopLegal. It speaks to all the operators who can be involved in a selection process with the beauty contests. On one side, the law firms, on the other side, the legal departments – private or public ones.


31 July 2017

When the most beautiful is invisible

The influent point of view of Marco Michael Di Palma, Founder and Editor-in-Chief at TopLegal, in an interesting article about the beauty contest in the Italian legal market.