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Episode 5

The 4cLegal Academy finalists get ready for the third set of trials. The training begins with a lesson on the legal market delivered by judge Alessandro Renna (CEO and Founder of 4cLegal), who engages the kids with topics that are typically excluded from Law degrees, and usually not connected to the strict professional activity of lawyers: legal procurement, sustainability and start-ups in the legal market. Alessandro’s test is really challenging: all finalists, in 30 seconds, will need to present their start-up ideas and convince the judges. The one presenting the best idea will obtain an advantage to spend in the trial with MM Spa. Antonella Cupiccia, the firm’s General Counsel, awaits the finalists with a particularly difficult subject: administrative law. A niche area requiring excellent logical skills. The trial is about finding and correcting three errors inside a competition notice for the designing and building of Milan’s “Water Houses” (public centres where citizens can supply water for free). Who will win?

Academy II

Episode 10:
The Final
17 December 2020

It’s the day of the final judgment. In an intense path of trials and training, the young finalists – Ludovica, Mario, Giacomo, Maria Elena and Tiziano – challenge after challenge, put themselves to the test and made their talents shine. Only one of them, however, will be the Legal Talent of the Year: the jury will make the final call. It won’t be easy at all. Who will conquer the title?




Nicola Baraldi

Vertical Business Product Marketing TeamSystem

Paolo Bardelli

Responsabile Ufficio Legale e Assicurazioni, STEF Italia S.p.A.

Antonella Cupiccia

General Counsel MM S.p.A.

Enrico Favale

Head of Legal and Procurement FCA BANK GROUP

Roberto Grasso

Director & General Manager D.A.S. Italy

Helèna Ravasini

Head of Legal Huawei Technologies Italia

Emanuela Spizzo

Head of Legal Affairs Michelin Italiana S.p.A.


Michele Borlasca

Senior Partner Zunarelli Studio Legale Associato

Gabriele Faggioli

CEO Gruppo Digital360

Gabriele Fava

Founder Studio legale Fava & Associati

Andrea Montuschi

Partner & President Great Place to Work Italia

Special Guest


Giacomo Arena

Ludovica Terenzi

Maria Elena Orlandini

Mario Umberto Caccuri

Tiziano Saguto


Media relations and communications partner